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The “Smart” data sector is growing at a rapid rate, and is fast becoming one of the leading industries in Europe. However, whilst the demand for these transversal skills is growing, the supply is not. In order to address this skills deficit, our Smart Data Smart Regions project will:

  • Improve the ability of Vocational Education Training (VET) practitioners to engage with and effectively teach smart data strategies to new generations of entrepreneurs and businessmen and women; enabling them to use their new knowledge to increase the effectiveness of the education systems they work in.
  • Develop, implement, share, promote and exploit our work in line with the digital imperative: our learning resources will be fully optimised for use across computer, tablet and mobile devices, and make full use of the high degree of interactivity and personalization that contemporary digital learning affords.

Our Project

The volume of data that governments, businesses and organizations manage has grown exponentially; with the data-intensive sector of the economy growing 40% per year. If turned into actionable, “smart” data, this presents vast opportunities to drive productivity, innovation and competitiveness in Europe.

Our Impact

Smart Data Smart Regions has been carefully structured to generate impact for entrepreneurs and SMEs and the VET providers who serve them, as well as creating wider benefits for the HEI-VET community and overall regional economic development.