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Smart Data Smart Regions was conceived as a result of Omagh Enterprise’s ongoing work in data analysis, in particular a 2014 NI Invest project which focussed on the use of digital technology to capture, analyse and manage data to improve economic, social and environmental impact in the region. The project evidenced the scale of the data skills deficit in the region and motivated Omagh Enterprise to deepen its involvement in this field.

Within the partnership, Omagh Enterprise and Zetis have a high level of practical experience of smart data strategies, while the other partners from the public sector (Leitrim County Council), nonprofit sector (BDF) and private sector (Canice Consulting) combine their growing interest in the subject with specialist VET, entrepreneurship and pedagogic experience.


SDSR will be led by OMAGH ENTERPRISE (UK), the leading local enterprise agency in the west of Northern Ireland. With over 20 years of experience, OE has assisted more than 1,500 entrepreneurs and as part of the 31 strong Enterprise NI network has delivered numerous enterprise and social enterprise programs. Given their previous experience in data skills, Omagh Enterprise will manage the project, as well as delivering IO1 The Strategic Guide to Smart Data in your Region. They will also create and facilitate a Regional Partnership in Northern Ireland.

LEITRIM COUNTY COUNCIL (IE) is a local government authority with a strong commitment to entrepreneurship development for regional growth. Leitrim will lead IO2 Regional Smart Data Partnerships and create and facilitate the Regional Partnership in Upper Shannon Erne region of Ireland .

IHK ZETIS (DE) is a subsidiary company of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry for the Palatinate region of Germany with 20 years experience in digital and technological solutions for economic development. ZETIS will use their solid understanding of the application of smart data for individual entrepreneurs and overall regional enterprise development to contribute to IO3 Essential Smart Data Open Educational Resources and they will also create and facilitate the SDSR Regional Partnership in Germany.

CANICE CONSULTING (UK) is a small but well-resourced firm based in Northern Ireland with a proven ability to produce online and mobile accessible training courses. Staff will be responsible for the technical realisation of IO3, transforming the curriculum and content outlines into interactive online learning resources ideally suited to the target group.

BUSINESS DEVELOPMENT FRIESLAND (BDF) (NL) is a VET provider teaching entrepreneurship and innovation to over 300 students and early stage start up entrepreneurs each year. They are also a member of European Business Innovation Center Network, a network of 200+ business support organisations across Europe. Within SRSD, BDF’s role will be to contribute to the content of the learning resources and especially, pilot test the resources with the target groups, providing feedback on all aspects and ensuring overall quality. They will also create and facilitate a SDSR Regional Partnership in Netherlands.

TELEREGIONS (TRN) (BE) As such a far reaching European network, it is fitting the TRN will be responsible for a very coherent and high impact dissemination strategy for SDSR.