Module 2: Quiz

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1. True or false? Internal data is the information that the businesses already have on hand or legally buy from outside sources.
2. Which one of the following facts about Smart Data is not correct?
3. What is not one of the steps of turning your data into competitive advantage?
4. What is the need for data collection?
5. What is NOT a source of company's own data?
6. True or false? Companies that offer fitness or other health sensors can gather, anonymize and analyze these sources as well.
7. The data integration process is traditionally thought of in three steps, which one of them means validating the source data and converting it to the desired standard?
8. What does the process of data enrichment do to companys own data?
9. Content based on original data attracts attention and comes with several other benefits.

Write down 3 benefits of using internal data in marketing

10. True or false? Big data is not suited for small businesses, since they don't have enough own data and are not as agile as bigger businesses, which can act quicker on data-driven insights.




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