Module 4: Quiz

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1. Why is it important to understand where big data can drive competitive advantage to your business?
2. A data-driven business must leverage strengths, adapt skill sets and shore up gaps. What are two of the most important capabilities a business should have?
3. True or false? Data strategy must be driven by the technology, not by the business that requires the data.
4. Which one of the following statements about maximizing the value of data is incorrect?
5. True or false? Organizations that embrace big data can create new opportunities for strategic differentiation
6. Which one of the 6 data-driven business models can we utilize in a situation where company data only provides sufficient value when combined with other sources or the company does not have the capabilities to fully tap the opportunity on its own?
7. Which data-driven business model is based on sharing data with system-integrator partners to extend product offerings or reduce costs?
8. Which one of the following charasteristics is true for Product Innovators business model?
9. If a company acquires data from key partners, from open sources or through data mining, what kind of business model did it choose?
10. Data has the ability to transform business models at many different levels. If we implement a change of improving the prices based on the data we have required about the (expected) delivery times and materials, on what level have we made the change?



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