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1. Big Data experts predict a lot of things for Big Data. Which one of the following predictions most likely won't come true for a while?
2. In the early days of big data analytics, organizations were looking back at their data to see what happened and then later they started using their analytics tools to investigate why those things happened. Which kind of analytics is the next big trend in the big data world?
3. What is one way that businesses can benefit from machine learning and AI technologies without directly involving data scientists?
4. Although machine learning is useful, it can be difficult to implement. What is one common obstacle faced by businesses looking to use machine learning tools?
5. Can smaller businesses take advantage of data science initiatives even if they can't afford the high price tag of a dedicated data science team?
6. What is the expectation for virtually every app, application or service in the next 10 years?
7. Which new technology could help companies deal with their IoT big data?

8. (Fill the blank) is the marketplace for traditional data warehousing.

  • Business intellegence
  • Storage for data
  • Servers for databases
9. There’s a lot that goes into a successful big data project. Businesses need to take into account the complexity of their data, their analytics and what they want their data journey to look like. Data journies have different phases, how do we call the phase where an organization starts to deliver value to the business, building their skills and knowledge?
10. To be effective you must be able to discuss the industry-specific needs and pain points of business leaders. In which industry, the use of big data can result in optimizing inventory and supply chain?



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