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Our project is a pioneering and transformative project because of its ability to overcome the smart skills deficit in two levels of the VET sector – practitioners and policy makers. As a result of our project, an increasing number of institutions will effectively integrate smart data skills into their he second target group – VET managers, policy makers and decision makers who will learn how to use data to adapt and optimise entrepreneurship development strategies according to their region’s needs and opportunities, creating genuinely smarter regions in the short and long term.

In other words, the project will directly boost the ability of today’s students to become tomorrow’s successful entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and community leaders. They will be able to use data proactively to define future policy and will be more responsive to local needs and opportunities, creating a more tailored educational support system and generating more successful entrepreneurs. The end result: a significant long-term strengthening of the competitiveness of the local economy and an inbuilt capacity to continue learning and adapting to new contexts.


Specifically, we will:

  • Create and publish a STRATEGIC GUIDE TO SMART DATA IN YOUR REGION to make the case for an integrated, cross sector approach to smart data and facilitate the creation of Regional Partnerships.
  • Develop ESSENTIAL SMART DATA OPEN EDUCATIONAL RESOURCES: a curriculum, trainers’ guide and suite of interactive online learning materials for VET teachers and trainers in colleges, enterprise development centres, incubators, non-profits and public authorities.