Strategic Guide to Smart Data

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Smart Data, Smart Region (SDSR) has a clear objective:

to improve the ability of entrepreneurship VET policy makers and practitioners to understand, teach and implement smart data within their institutions and to use smart data to adapt and optimise entrepreneurship development strategies at regional level.

We believe SDSR is a lighthouse project, introducing the topic to the VET sector as a whole and integrating it to entrepreneurship education in a very practical way to reveal the scale of what can be achieved.

“Data can be used to help understand more comprehensively what is happening in the region, why it is happening, and most importantly, what needs to happen next” (Arlene Foster, Department for Enterprise Minister).

Data skills improve the entrepreneurial mind-set and employability of students in all fields and Smart Data improves our understanding of social and economic trends, enabling VET providers to tailor their service and entrepreneurship support to specific opportunities at regional level, producing better outcomes for their trainees and economic development.

To the best of our knowledge, this is the first project that has addressed the data analysis skills as a necessary component of contemporary VET curricula and policy making. In doing so the project recognises that many entrepreneurship education institutions see big data emerging as an important trend.

SDSR recognises that data analysis can be applied to unlock innovation and value creation however there is a need for an integrated, cross sector approach to improving the teaching and use of smart data skills in VET for entrepreneurship.

Our STRATEGIC GUIDE TO SMART DATA IN YOUR REGION document below sets out how we will deliver the project in Northern Ireland, Ireland,Netherlands and Germany, it includes relevant background information on Northern Ireland, proposed consultations with stakeholders, surveys, our findings and recommendations for going forward.